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Pain Management

About Pain Management

Our Staff represents the best in Personal Injury cases:

  • Patient treatment

  • Documentation and Follow Ups

Each of our practitioners have experience and are highly competent physicians who understand the special needs of trauma cases. 

Pain Management

Not only will your clients be well cared for, but you can be assured that their treatment program will be well-managed to safeguard the case outcome. Our practitioners are careful to make sure that the number and type of treatment will be appropriate for your client's injury. You will not have to worry about over treatment as we follow strict therapy guidelines. 

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Medical Referrals 

We are trained to recognize when referrals to specialists are appropriate. We have alliances with a wide range of specialist who also work on a lien basis. The attorney's office will be informed before such referrals are made.

Billing and Reports

Our charges are within generally accepted parameters and the bills clearly explain services rendered. Our ICD and CPT codes are updated on a regular basis to be compatible with the insurance companies software systems. 

Important details included in reports:

Patient History


Subjective and Objective Findings



Future Medical 

Disability Factors

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Team up with us and we will get you the best care possible. For more information contact us via email, phone, or stop by the office!

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