Dr.Mel Braxton, D.C

Chiropractor & Sports Medicine Physician

In my 21 years of practice I have been blessed to successfully treat a number of conditions from Sciatica, low back pain, herniated disc, neck pain, migraine headaches, neuritis in the arm to carpal tunnel syndrome to name a few. I commit myself to find the true problem and do all in my power to provide you with a treatment plan that ranges from chiropractic, stretching, and exercise strengthening. As a former Pro Athlete, I know the pains and hits the body can take and endure. This is why I focus on each individuals needs to ensure that we are indeed treating not only the symptoms but the cause as well.


  • New Patient exam and Consultation  $150

  • 30 min massage  $60

  • 6 Sessions of Body Sculpting  $250

  • New Patient P.I exam & Consult  : Based on treatment plan needed.

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  • 60 min Massage  $85

  • Acupressure + Therapy  $60

  • Chiro + Therapy  $85

  • Chiro + 60 minute Body Work   $125

  • Sports Deep Tissue Massage  $125