Akata Pukini

I started looking into reiki because I was curious and wanted to see what energy healing could do.  For almost a year of researching and reading reviews I finally found a reiki practitioner named Maria who practiced close to my home. After my first session with Maria, I felt amazing! I keep describing it as being high on life for about 2 weeks straight! I felt so good and it truly improved my (5 months) postpartum depression that my husband wanted to try it too. He also loved his session. Then it dawned on me that maybe Maria could help our 3 year old son.

Kim Gales

I can’t remember when I first heard about Reiki.  What I do remember is that word kept showing  up.  It was the buzz around town.  I was skeptical but curious. When I was introduced to Maria, I knew I couldn’t hesitate and I booked an appointment.  The first session changed my life.  How could this person I just met connect with me so effortlessly? The energy in the room was so powerful, and hypnotic that it was surreal. Maria is undoubtably qualified and well trained but her skills go beyond that.  She has compassion and a spirit that could calm a wild fire.  My experience was gentle, respectful, and graceful.  It was the most personal healing experience  I have ever had and I can’t imagine continuing my life’s journey without her.

Misty Scranton

Listen up people! If you have ever thought about trying Reiki, then think no more! Just do it! After hearing multiple people tell me great things about Maria, I scheduled a session. It was AMAZING! God has blessed Maria with a phenomenal gift as well as a gentle, beautiful and loving spirit. She was incredibly intuitive, and immediately knew the areas on which I needed focus. Maria spent quality time with me and my healing.
I'm not a Reiki expert. I can't fully explain it. But I do know that Maria helped me! I walked out of our session feeling and knowing that I had made a breakthrough. I felt like I had shed whatever was holding me back. Now I'm even more focused and positive in achieving my goals. 

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